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learning front split

I am a trainer who teaches stretching. Stretching helps to stretch muscles and make body more flexible, which surely may help to improve yoga practice and make it more pleasant. I myself love yoga too and stretching really helps me to achieve my goals :)
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New to Yoga

Hi there everyone,
Well I'm new to the community. I'm mainly a weights/core and walk/run person but I really want to get into Yoga for the benefit of being more 'in touch' with my body, but really quite frankly have no idea where to begin. I'm the type of person who sort of makes things up as they go along, what feels good and feels right is what I stick with- I also love a good challenge.
I find learning yoga by DVD quite boring, so I threw out the 'beginners to yoga' DVD I had. I thought this would be a great place to join to get the gist of learning and experimenting. I'm also in the process of getting into community classes, which as far as I know in a short time will be doing some Yoga classes.
So I'll pipe up now with opinions and then and probably frequently ask for help.

I think ideally I could really do to try and concentrate on lower body flexibility. When I lay on my back with my legs straight in the air, I always bend outwards at the knees. This really frustrates me when I try to do things such as Hip Lifts and Toe-Touch crunches.
Any advice you can give me on how to start?

Talk to you soon!
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Autorretrato En El Estudio

Hi, I'm new to the community

I have a question I was wondering if perhaps someone could answer. I have attended various yoga classes at different studios, mainly hot yoga, but my question is whether it is okay to practice one specific posture instead of doing a whole sequence of asanas, like Bikram Yoga. I recently purchased the book Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar and in its appendix it prescribes various postures for specific illnesses and pains. Should one attempt to do one individual posture to treat a certain pain, or is it best to warm-up with a sequence of preceding asanas?

Pose of the Week: Week 12 -- Pigeon Pose

This is always a tricky one for me, partly because my hips are changeable in how open they're willing to be on any given day. If I've worked my hips just enough but not too much, my body is pretty malleable and lets me get fairly deep into the pose. If I either haven't opened my hips enough or if I've already reached their limit for the day, I have to think "back off" before I even get too deep in the pose.

I think it's also one of the poses that's most dependent on my mental or emotional state. I've heard from a few instructors that we store stress and tension in our hips, and sometimes, how stressed or tense I'm feeling does make a big difference in what this pose feels like for me. Even if I'm not stressed at that moment, if I have been worried about something recently, it's necessary for me to "back off" in pigeon to avoid either hurting myself physically or dealing with some unpleasant emotional responses.

Pose of the Week: Week 11 -- Uttanasana

I don't know about anyone else, but I took several significant breaks from yoga over the holidays. I did bring my mat and a couple DVDs traveling with me, so I didn't abandon it completely. But the practices I did do were definitely about minimizing backsliding rather than improving or even maintaining.

As such, the forward folds I've tried over the past couple of days have been eye-opening in their difficulty for me. It was humbling.

I am a big fan of keeping my knees bent in uttanasana, especially if I'm staying there for more than a breath or so. While my hamstrings usually stay pretty open and forgiving if I practice regularly, a little bend in my knees makes it easier for me to actually hinge from my hips and fold forward with a long back.

And, of course, in my current state, it's going to be a little while before my hamstrings even want to straighten at all. :P

Yoga & Sex

An article from MSNBC, for your reading entertainment:
Yogis have better sex, study finds
For the link-phobic, the basic gist of the article is that a study found that, for women, developing the yogic component of mindfulness helped women achieve improved levels of sexual arousal and desire as well as better orgasms. The results of another study showed that yoga benefited men who'd had problems with premature ejaculation.


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So, not necessarily what the article is getting at, but also not necessarily untrue.

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Pose of the Week: Week 10 -- Shoulderstand

Once again, I picked this video because it seemed to offer a lot of modification options:

I've always found shoulderstand to be a pretty grounding and calming kind of inversion. I've been practicing the pose for several years now, but only in the past few months have I seen the option of using blankets as neck and shoulder support. I've found that it helps me get better aligned vertically. It's not necessarily making me work less hard in the pose, but it is helping me get more vertical results for the work I do.

Pose of the Week: Week 8 -- Balasana

I wasn't going to post this initially because child's pose isn't one I think about very often and really isn't one I prefer to use, even as far as restorative or resting poses go. But I do know that a lot of people like it, and I liked the variety of modifications this video showed:

I did really like how the video described balasana as being a pose of "non-doing," because I think that does describe the benefits the pose has for me. Sometimes, when I need a more physical rest, down dog or hero's pose is more appropriate for me. But when I just need to stop, mentally -- and this usually involves ceasing to over-analyze the challenging-for-me pose I've just been doing -- child's pose is the only asana that really does that for me.

Pose of the Week: Week 7 -- Camel Pose

Sorry I missed last week, folks. No particularly good or inventive reason. I just did.

Anyway, camel pose:

Camel is pretty much one of my favorites. Yeah, I'm biased toward anything that helps my uterus, but it's also gone a long way toward loosening first my lower back and then my upper back. On a day where my muscles are being extra cooperative, I use camel as a preparatory pose for kapotasana.